Outlook.com provides advanced Outlook experience with developed innovations for mail, calendar and people. From now on, improved Skype integration, e-mail filtration, all new mail display, categorization, customized inbox features are ready to use. Also, you can access your favorite users faster, add extra information to your people and use calendar shortcuts.

Mail — the new display of Mail experience will be standard to all users – no need for migration! You will have a faster performance, improved Skype integration, new ways of accessing to your favorite tools (Boomerang, Evernote and PayPal) and easier ways to categorize and filter your emails.

Calendar — All Outlook.com users can now try the new beta experience on Calendar. This includes a more sensitive interface and symbols that will help you add activity and identify your activities faster with only a few clicks.

People — You can try the beta experiences including a new look on Outlook.com People section, fast access to your favorite users and easier ways to display, organize and create people.