Risk Management with SAM

Yazılım Satış ve Lisanslama

Microsoft SAM Revomes Your Concerns

When it is applied properly, SAM ensures your corporation keeps business and legal risks under control.

A good SAM program can help you keep risks about unsuitable licensing procedure under control. You will know your position in terms of softwares and licenses and you will also have peace of mind being using original products with all their advantages. Good licensing applications minimize risks and ensures your softwares and general workforce operate as they should be.

Developed Security and Preperation with Microsoft SAM

Irregular and old softwares which don’t include appropriate security updates may leave you unprotected against viruses and security violations. You will always have the latest applications with the newest security updates and service packages thanks to a good SAM plan.

Minimizing Legal Risks with Microsoft SAM

Applying SAM properly reduces legal and financial risks in case you have problems regarding your software licenses. Continuing a strong SAM program proactively helps you get prepared for inspections out side the company and remove legal problems and related financial penalties. Becoming compatible and staying that way removes possible damages to your reputation in case of legal problems.

Seamless Operations with Microsoft SAM

Dealing with software problems drains the management’s time and energy, reduces the working output and can cause a potential closure of your company. The increase in helpdesk calls can also increase your costs. By optimizing your software assets, you apply upgrades and security updates on time and as they shoul be and this way, you remove the risk of work stoppage and provide time for helpdesk to focus on other projects.

Get rid of Worries While Business Grows with SAM

You need an IT infrastructure that will grow with you while the market and your business grow. SAM can ensure the new programs are supported by your existing hardwares and softwares and no money or time is spent to be compatible. Optimized SAM helps you corporation to be faster in a fast environment by providing a scalable base for growing and reduces the risk of falling behind in competition.


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