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Businesses that see the advantages of moving work critical apps to cloud is growing. Most of our customers go beyond “why cloud” argument and think “which cloud provider should I choose”. Our customers want performance, privacy and scalability for work critical apps. Microsoft Azure determines the bar at scale and performance, it leads at compatibility and trust and provides the most global extend in general cloud. Especially for SAP workload, we provide the best support to our partner customers thanks to our strong partnership with SAP.

We made important investment to make sure that Azure is the strongest general cloud for SAP HANA. Azure provides the strongest and scalable infrastructure possible for HANA. Besides, with artificial intelligence and analysis services, it makes SAP data become more meaningful. Our long-term partnership with SAP includes Office 365 integration in order to increase businesses’ productivity. Lastly, we have a big partnership ecosystem that will help you manage your SAP workload successfully.

We are extremely happy to share our innovations at this area which is an important focus for us:

M Series Virtual Machines: This machines which work with Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8890 v3 and give storage support up to 3,5 TB to activate SAP HANA and other database workload, enable you to increase the scale of business apps that work in real time with a single node.

Improvement and geographical expansion at SAP HANA Large Instance machines: The private Large Instance servers that we provide for SAP HANA will be available at our data centers in Europe starting from next month. With the improvements that will come in the long view, you will be able to increase the scale of SAP HANA workload up to 50 TB at single node configurations and up to 60 TB at multi-node configurations.

SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: SCP platform that SAP provides service, will be able to be hosted on Microsoft Azure. With this structure that is in preview at the moment, you will be able to benefit from both pre-made SAP Cloud Platform components and Azure services.

Last year, Satya Nadella went on the stage at SAPPHIRE and announced a new period regarding our partnership with SAP. At this period, we announced Coasts LLC and Rockwell Automation amongst the companies using Large Instance infrastructure on Azure for SAP systems. We have seen a great increase in number of customers that have preferred to make SAP installation on Azure in the recent year – Also in Turkey, as it is around the world.

A few more examples from the businesses that preferred Azure as cloud platform for SAP workload:
◦ This system, which gets Accenture work critical financial reporting systems to work, is the biggest SAP HANA configuration that has been done in any general cloud platform.

◦Mitaş Energy preferred Azure in the new S/4HANA project.

“We preferred Microsoft Azure services in our New S/4HANA project. This way, we are aiming to have a level of flexibility and dependability that we can’t have with the usual structures.” (Hasan Onur Beygo, CEO, Mitaş R&D Consultation BT inc.)

Our partners are an important part of this project, who help our customers for their success by presenting their expertise at both Microsoft and SAP.  Microsoft, at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 event that took place in Orlando last week, hosted the leading global system integrators like Accenture, Cognizant, HCL, Infosys, TCS, Wipro and presented the values that they can provide to their customers who want built SAP on Azure.

For more information about the announcements from SAPPHIRE NOW event, please visit this page.

We will be with our three valuable partners at SAP Cloud Forum that is going to take place in Turkey tomorrow: BTC, CoreToEdge and Atos. We would like to see everyone that will join the event at our stand!