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As Makronet Information Technologies, we are one of the authorized partners about cloud technologies that Microsoft advances together. We continue to develop many projects and put our signature under new success stories.

As Microsoft’s authorized cloud partner, we carry out all the Office 365 purchasing process and determine the suitable licensing model to your company.

Depending on the content of the project, if necessary, we visit you with an executive of Microsoft Turkey. Furthermore, if you wish we host you in Customer Immersion Experience center within Microsoft. Here, we let you have the live cloud experience with the latest computers and tablets.

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If you still wish, we can have audio and visual online meeting, presentation and demo via Lync. We can also include a Microsoft authorized person to the meeting when it is necessary.

Please fill in the contact form in order to get an offer with the most suitable license model for you. Our sales specialists will work on an offer negotiating with Microsoft over the most suitable model for your company. 

Office 365 Online Lisans Modeli

Office 365 Online licensing Model – Office 365 is the model that directly purchased via Microsoft Global. Prices are displayed on Microsoft’s web site. Payments are directly made via Microsoft Ireland. With monthly purchases over 250 USD, they give you the option of paying monthly installments with money order. For the lower purchases, you can only pay with your credit card.

Since it is an overseas bill, the tax comes 0%. Because this model is not advantageous in the name of recognition and indicating expenses, generally with your purchases over 5 users, we advice you to do it through Open Licensing Model.

Office 365 Open Licensing Model

With Open Licensing Model, it is possible to make invoiced purchases for 5 users and more. When your project is opened on Microsoft’s side, you can get special discounts. As authorized partner, your invoice will be prepared by Makronet Information Technologies. Payments are made yearly in advance. Three days after the placement of the order, your Open License product key is created.


Office 365 OV, OVS Licensing Model

In this Licensing model which is special for companies with over 250 users, it is possible to get Office 365 license in the way of three years contracts.

Office 365 EA, EAS Licensing Model

With special licensing agreement model for companies with 250 users and bigger, you can get special prices for your company in all Microsoft’s products. Office 365 E1 and higher packages can also be under this agreement. For this Agreement model, some subrequirements are needed.


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