Lowering Costs with SAM

Yazılım Satış ve Lisanslama

Lowering Costs and Preventing Wastes with SAM

SAM has the control on your company’s expenses to a healthier profit.

Microsoft SAM can control help your costs by removing wastful bulk purchases and improving processes. Applying and maintaining a good SAM plan provides you the information about how many licenses you do have for each software to optimize your assets and ensure visibility and thereby purchase the softwares that you will only use. With developed efficiency and asset tracking, you can keep up with the growing markets and you can find the minimum cost method to manage the future requirements so long your business grows and develops.

Microsoft SAM ile Control Over Software Costs with SAM

SAM helps to lower the costs about purchasing and protecting the software library. It also supports a central licensing process that helps you benefit from bulk discounts as much as possible.

Microsoft SAM ile Lower Costs of Support and Maintenance with Microsoft SAM

The maintenance of the systems of beckup and restore is easier when it is clear which software goes where. Also, it can decrease the demand for technical support by standardizing the desktop systems and automating the processes and thereby you can highly reduce the support. When softwares are well applied and protected, the workers need less support.

Microsoft SAM ile Potential Tax Savings with Microsoft SAM

Depending on how you purchased your software, SAM ensures that your company benefits from tax advantages for software amortization and expenses. You can work together with your tax consultans in order to have additional savings when you know which software when and under what programs is purchased.

Optimized Software Application with Microsoft SAM

You can automatically detect and apply software upgrades, virus protection and security updates by installing the right infrastructe that will support your SAM program. This, alongside helps you manage the costs, reduces conflicts and saves time for IT department and workers that use the softwares.

More Data Protection with Microsoft SAM

SAM can provide savings in the long run by ensuring to have a suitable disaster saving plan for protecting your data, backup softwares and licenses. By tracking all your software assets, you will have detailed information about good backup and saving plans where necessary. With a SAM software use policy, you can reduce unauthorized software uploads and installations and also the viruses come along with and thereby you can even have more savings.

Higher User Efficiency with Microsoft SAM

By standardizing software versions, you can protect file conflicts and reduce file sharing problems and thereby you can simplfy the communication in the whole corporation. By optimizing your processes, you can ensure the management and other staff collaborate seamlessly and this leads to higher efficiency and better general business satisfaction and as a result, more cost savings.

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