Rebus Labs which is a member of BizSpark program where Microsoft aims to contribute the incubation time success of the entrepreneurs, had a real success story with Modus that protects temperature sensitive materials.


rebus success story

Rebus Labs which was founded by Michael Boyman, is a young Turkish company that develops IoT (Internet of Things) apps to support analytical business intelligence and provide domain specific solutions. The company has focused on the smart cooling area which is a niche market and came out with their latest product “Modus”. It is a device that regulates and balances the temperature and moisture in the coolers that are used in pharmacies, hospitals and labs.


Modus for critical duties

With Modus, users can protect a sensitive, perishables material (vaccine, plasma, microbiology cultures, serum etc.) that requires an environment with a stable temperature; this way, they can make sure that this type of material doesn’t lose its effect. Modus watches the inside and outside environment temperatures of the coolers, it warns operators with voiced signals, successive SMS and e-mails. The device reacts to slightest change in temperature and it makes sure any unexpected fluctuation is interfered. The usage of Modus is pretty simple and practical: users can start using the device right after the hardware sensors of Modus are connected to the cooler; you can determine and manage the system settings from over any internet browser.

When there is an unanticipated situation, Modus is designed to check whether the sensitive material goes bad.  Boyman says “We considered the reality that misfortunes like power blackout may reduce or ruin the effect of important lifesaving works. Modus’ real time warnings and signals help the people in charge get notified anywhere, anytime. Modus continues to record the measuring even when there is a longtime power blackout, and gets the users to accurately evaluate the state of the experiments and medicines.”

modus device


Modus and Azure collaboration 

Boyman says “most of the codes that are used in Modus work on open resource systems, and Azure distinguishes itself as an excellent platform that will host the cloud infrastructure of the device with its flexible scaling and easy to use interface” and he adds “we operate Linux, MongoDP and Python on our solution. Azure’s virtual machine infrastructure is way beyond being enough for our usage. Besides, Azure provides a perfect customer support and a local office where we can ask our questions. Azure definitely got our product to the market way faster.”

What is BizSpark? 

With the BizSpark program where software sector start-ups that younger than 5 years and make less than 250.000 dollars, can be included, initiatives that are in incubation period or starting stage, don’t only have cost advantage but also grow with the mentorship of Microsoft.

microsoft startup

With BizSpark Plus program, suitable start-ups are able to use MSDN (Microsoft Software Developer Network) membership which gives free entry to Office 365, Visual Studio, which is Microsoft’s app development platform, and many other Microsoft technology for two years. Besides, BizSpark Plus members, within the MSDN, have the right to use Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform that worth 120.000 USD.

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