Disaster Protection with SAM

Yazılım Satış ve Lisanslama

Microsoft SAM – SAM Removes Your Concerns

SAM guarantees it will survive any storm. The softwares of your company are indispensable and they should be secured this way. Think that your softwares and licenses will not be affected in a fire, flood or any other disasters. As part of your SAM application, Disaster Restoration Plan (DRP) ensures your business runs seamlessly in an emergency.

To be fully efficient, your plan should include information about both your systems and protection of your softwares and restoring.

Updated inventory with Microsoft SAM gives information about what you have.

A good SAM plan ensures your immediate recovery after any losses including inventory data loss, installation environment and the proof of property rights. With a good SAM plan, you will have all the softwares that your business holds and an updated and centralized inventory of licenses, and also all the important recordings and off-site backups.

Off-site backup provides fast system restoration with Microsoft SAM

In case of a disaster, it helps you determine the steps that you will apply for quickly restoring the in-site media and information as they were before. An effective SAM plan should include off-site storing of original installation media (including CDs, manuals etc.) for all softwares. Easy and fast access to these materials after an emergency provides a fast recovery of your company.

The proof of property rights with Microsoft SAM ensures the continuation of compatibility

Protecting the the proof of property rights files (such as software licensing agremments, bills) is one of the most important part of you company’s DRP. With a good plan, all of the original files will be in an off-site storage and additional copies will be in-site in case of a software licence check.


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