Striking numbers in the security area keep coming from last year. According to CRN’s Ransomware Report of the last 3 months, the attacks that was made in a bad faith to infrastructures increased 3500% in 2016. In 2017, it is thought that this number will increase yet.

Getting a backup copy of the critical business information in situation that all the other defense mechanisms are damaged, is an important way to help businesses protect themselves from the losses that can be caused as a result of ransomware attack. Since ransomware attackers concentrate on operating system features like backup apps and shadow copy, it is important to have inaccessible backups in case of a bad faith attack.

You can take actions

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to re-evaluate the strategy and basis regarding your existing backups, and also the possible effects if the privacy of your backup data brakes. Since security is always a high priority for our customers, Operations Management Suite (OMS) continues to provide total security abilities. A group of new features that Azure Backup brought out to protect the backup files that you moved to cloud in order to protect them from ransomware, indicate the investment that we always make to OMS.

azure backup


Your backups should be protected from advanced bot and malware. Losing your data permanently may cause serious losses in your business. In order to help you against this, Azure Backup protects your data from ransomware attacks using deeper security, faster notifications and expanded recovery.

For deeper security, only users with valid Azure ID can get the security PIN that is created by Azure portal which enables users to backup data. If a critical backup operation command was given like “Delete backed up data”, you will receive an immediate notification so you can interfere and minimize the effect to your business. If hackers succeed deleting the backed up data, Azure Backup keeps the deleted data for fourteen days after the deletion.

In order to make this year the safest year for your data, give priority to your backup policies in the yearly plan.

If you are an IT expert, you can check out the new Azure Backup abilities for free by creating a Microsoft Operations Management Suite account.

To have further information about ransomware and strategies that you can use to avoid it, you can watch our Protecting Against Ransomware Threats web seminar.