You heard about cloud and you know its advantages, but you still use an in-house solution for your business e-mails. Perhaps the transition sounds scary, or you are still not convinced that it is requisite. You maybe preferred to stay in your corporate servers for many reasons.

According to 2015 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, 72% of the businesses get at least one of their applications work in cloud and 56% of them are considering which IT operations to move to cloud. Find out in the titles below about the misbeliefs regarding your in-house e-mails and the benefits of moving your corporate e-mail to cloud.

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E-mail attacks don’t cost your company that much  

According to CSO Online, although it looks like small daily problems, the cost that malware causes increases cumulatively. Fortunately, cloud based solutions make a difference here. It is important to have the most up-to-date security protection since the e-mail attacks improves continuously. Cloud can provide this.

Maybe you do not come across with daily threats, or you do not see any motion in the data violation arena. But according to Alert Logic’s Cloud Security Report, the fact is that there are less activities in the servers hosting in cloud when the number of attacks are considered.