In the last week of September, in the Ignite Conference that was held in Atlanta, by Microsoft, we announced Office 365  news that help the IT staff direct the digital transformation at their corporations.  This month, as Office team, our news list is quite long. I hope you can swiftly experience the headlines that I will share.

I am really excited to share the new smart cloud services with you which help to make your staff more productive and your corporation safer. You will find some important Office 365 wide news below like new safety abilities, rich communication features and improvements for collaboration among teams and services for Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Stronger Office apps with new smart services
Based on the innovations that we announced in July, we bring more cloud based smart services to Office apps which are designed to help you save time and get better results:
– Tap on Word and Outlook: find and use any content without exiting the document or e-mail that you work on. Tap, which work with Microsoft Graph, shows the documents, presentation and excel electronic tables that you use or receive from your co-workers. You can click on the items you want to use on these documents and place the single components like slide, image, table, graphic and chart on the document that you work. Contents are taken as they are; you can do updates like changing table colors, adding trendline or indicator and organizing texts to graphics. We work on to bring Tap feature to other applications like PowerPoint. You can also start using Tap with just a few simple steps. Tap feature is offered to Office 365 Business Extra, Enterprise E3 and E5 subscribers on Windows desktop devices, Word and Outlook. You can find out whether you received Office 2016 September updates on this page.

– QuickStarter on PowerPoint and Sway: QuickStarter, which re-invented the creation process, helps you conquer the black canvas. QuickStarter which works with Bing Knowledge Graph, offers suggestions on Sway and PowerPoint regarding outlines that are carefully organized in every way, information to be used on outlines, categories that can be considered and Creative Commons licensed images related to your content. This provides you a strong starting point where you can develop your presentation. You should see QuickStarter while working to understand what it can do! Take a look at the video below. QuickStarter for PowerPoint on desktop devices operate with Windows will be released for Office 365 subscribers at the end of 2016.

– Designer converts texts: It is very easy to apply impressive designs in a few minutes on many more types of slides. PowerPoint Designer now can offers professionally designed options for bullet operation lists. This innovation, which was developed on the previous Designer updates, includes many functions like face detection on images and color cleaning. In the future, additional text categories like time tables will also be supported. More is coming soon. Keep following us!

Availability: Designer for Text support for Windows desktop devices on PowerPoint is offered Office 365 subscribers in Office Insider program.  You can find out whether you received Office 2016 September updates on this page. For Office 365 subscribers, PowerPoint Designer text support will soon be released on Mac.

– Transform data on Excel into a Map: Now, by using the new 3B Map graphic type in Excel, you can transform geography data into professional visuals with a few steps. Excel Map feature that work on Bing Maps provides users in every level with the ability to visualize their geography data which before required the help of technical experts or other expensive products. This feature makes it way easier to directly identify the predictions, tendencies and opportunities from your data on Excel no matter you are at work, school or home.

Availability: Maps for Excel will be released for Office 365 subscribers on Windows desktop devices, Windows Mobile and Android devices at the end of 2016.

– Microsoft MyAnalytics: Create better working habits with the help of Microsoft MyAnalytics (previous name Delve Analytics). MyAnalytics, , provides you with conceptions that help you understand how you use the time while working, at meetings, with e-mails, at the hours that you define as “concentration hour” and at the hours after work. This way you can determine productivity goals and track your improvement in time. You can also see who you collaborate the most. In the future, MyAnalytics will also provide conceptions that will help Office 365 Groups find ways to work better together, bring out secret inefficiencies and collaborate on priorities. You can have more information about MyAnalytics. Microsoft MyAnalytics is in use at the moment and it is provided for Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscribers without any additional fee.

More Security and Compatibility Abilities
Office 365 business subscribers will have the opportunity to have better protection for their corporations against threats, detect and react to these threats with the new abilities that we announced in the area of security:

– Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) improvement: The new ATP features help you ensure the protection of your work without effecting its productivity. URL Detonation analyses the suspicious additional connections in a virtual environment; Dynamic Delivery controls whether there is malware by scanning attachments without causing any delays regarding the delivery of the e-mail. Besides, I am quite happy to announce that we brought ATP for SharePoint Online and Office desktop apps.  Security admins can scan threats, collect conceptions about attacks with new reporting abilities, and see the connections between threats in your whole network with Windows Defender ATP.

– Threat Intelligence: Threat Intelligence, the new function of Office 365, helps you presciently bring out advanced threats on Office 365 and have protection against them. Microsoft’s Smart Security Graphic and extensive conceptions against threats that are created from the data provided from cyber threat hunters that exist all around the world, help you quickly and efficiently activate warnings, dynamic policies and your security solutions.

– Advanced Data Management on Office 365: This innovation on Office 365, makes it easier to keep vital data and business continuity. Besides, it helps you reduce your general risk profile. Advanced Data Management, by benefitting from conceptions supported by machine learning, helps you find, classify, create, realize policies regarding your most important data, and this way provide you with your business’ structural compatibility.

Availability: The improvements for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will be released by the end of 2016. Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Management abilities will be released in the first quarter of 2017. These three features are included in Secure Productive Enterprise E5 offer with Office 365 Business E5 plan for free.

– Outlook now works on Microsoft Cloud: In order to support corporate, legal and compatibility requirements of our customers, we updated Outlook for iOS and Android. Starting from today, Outlook for iOS and Android works on Microsoft Cloud for Office 365 commercial customers. This means that Outlook locally supports Exchange Online e-mail boxes, and none of the e-mail box data is taken to cache memory except for Office 365. Because our back end service is automatically updated, there is no need for an extra app update. You can look at our Outlook blog page for more information, including details regarding the new architecture.

Smarter, more connected and efficient collaboration
We also announced a few updates at Ignite that help teams and  field workers have better communication, collaboration, and stay connected to their corporations.

– Improvements on SharePoint: As part of our vision “first cloud – first mobile” that we introduced throughout this year, we expand the power of SharePoint. The new OneDrive equation abilities on SharePoint sites and shared documents, help you keep connected. Similar to the ones on Outlook, we also added rich person experiences that make you go beyond the contact information of your co-workers. While Team News helps you share the most recent information with your team, you can manage more work processes seamlessly with the extended integration of Power BI, Yammer, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.  SharePoint team sites are coming to all Office 365 Groups together with their modernized lists, document libraries and pages. Besides, you will carry your intranet in your pocket with the SharePoint mobile app for Android and Windows. You can find the details and availability information here on SharePoint blog page.

–Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups: Yammer now provides way higher team productivity with SharePoint team site and document library, OneNote, Planner and Outlook group calendar that was added to every group on the app. You can read the Yammer blog for more information.

Availability: Yammer integration with Office 365 Groups will be sent in a few months to Office 365 commercial customers.

– Microsoft StaffHub: Microsoft StaffHub is a new application which makes it easier for managers to organize a team, create schedules, and send information about their workers. For fieldworkers, all schedule information, important communications, announcements and contents are just a few clicks away on their mobile devices. You can have more information about Microsoft StaffHub. Microsoft StaffHub preview is released for customers with general preview on iOS and Android, Office 365 Enterprise K1, E1, E3, E5. Besides, with Turkish language option.