Why SAM?

Yazılım Satış ve Lisanslama

Software Asset Management Situation

Why should you apply a Software Asset Management (SAM) to your business?

Take the reasons below into consadiration while evaluating your requirements and specifying whether SAM  is suitable to your corporation.

1. Financial Safety with SAM

Financial Safety with SAM The complexity of managing software in a corporation can cause big troubles getting costs under control and can give the feeling that you are financially defenceless. Applying a good SAM plan gets your costs under control with software life cycle process standardization. Therefore, you can secure the information required to choose the licensing programs with the minimum cost, provide better IT estimates to create a budgate and benfit from the tax advantages related to software amortization.

2. Bulk discounts for better price points

SAM can help you retrench while purchasing licenses, improve your relations with software dealers and provide an advantage for the future deals. A completely applied SAM plan provides you advantages since it gives you a better understanding about the number of which licenses your company purchased and installed, the ones you are using now and thereby what exactly do you need. Should you purchase a license for each computer or should you save with bulk licensing? Your SAM plan will provide information in order to help you take effective and efficient decisions for your corporate’s special requirements.

3. More liability control with SAM

A good SAM plan helps you sweep financial penalties and legal costs by ensuring the conformation of your licenses and protects your reputation avoiding any loss that can be arised from legal actions. SAM also ensures you have the conformality with state regulations which requires the standarts of IT management and controls.

4. A good corporate management with SAM

Effective corporate management starts with two fundamental steps: to determine the risks against your corporation and before taking an action, to check and mitigate these risks. SAM provides you to form a defined ‘best applications’ set that helps you determine the risks of work and conformality regarding software management (or with the lack of such a management).

5. Increasing worker satisfaction with SAM

A good SAM plan will provide your workers the right tools they need to perform their work. Seamless software and IT systems, as they should work, will provide a better working spirit alongside high productivity.

6. Seamless Operations with SAM

Your corporation works better with SAM. To avoid complications at the beginning, by providing a good automatization and by automating the processes, SAM optimizes your software and IT resources and helps you focus on conducting your business. Infrastructure optimization can let your management pass from unmanaged reactive state to a proactive, optimized and dynamic state. Also, you will be comfortable knowing that your softwares are not counterfeit but original. This will ensure an additional security and productivity layer that counterfeit softwares, which may harm your IT systems and general work, cannot provide.

7. Lower/remove the waste and excess with SAM

It is more difficult to manage convergent, separated and outdated applications. SAM helps you benefit from your software assets in the best way and provides the information to only pay for the softwares that you use. Extensive and continuous research can show software conflicts and outdated applications or the ones that are possible to phase out. Therefore SAM helps you lower/remove the maintenance plans and additional costs for the softwares that you don’t use anymore.

*First, check your licensing agreements before you transfer the software. Some licensing agreements may limit software transfer or its reuse.

8. A better marketplace with SAM

SAM, can provide the need of competitive advantage for your company in the market. Up to date license and extensively certified context library can provide faster, easier processes and organized software functions in the whole company in the circumstances of both daily activities and merger or purchase.

9. Longer business value with SAM

 Applying SAM can increase the speed of your company and improve its value in the future by ensuring to use resources strategically in changing work conditions. Thanks to consistent and efficient SAM applications, your company becomes more productive and it can answer the market conditions and opportunities faster. To follow the best applications of your SAM plan provides better information and higher level of operational excellence and this way it improves long term business value of your company.

10. Flexibility for future with SAM

SAM, provides better information for your software needs in the future and presents scalable base for your growth. Thanks to SAM, instead of buying all new software and updates, you will exactly be able to decide when and which software is needed. You can already plan your future needs with SAM…

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