Office 365 continues to give efficiency and competing strength to companies that seek solution partner in the process of digital transformation as being the cloud productivity platform which gives overall support in the area of cost, agility and innovation. Office 365, which has been in the Turkish market for three years, provided  an average of 292,422 dollars saving and 288 percent comeback in the investments to its enterprise users according to a research done by IDC. Office 365, which crowned its success with a special campaign for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), gives companies the strength to achieve more by moving them to cloud productivity platform for only 30 TL a month. Microsoft, which took the mission of giving competency to enterprises and individuals to achieve more, continues to break the routine with its cloud productivity platform Office 365. Office 365, which guides companies in their digital transformation process and presents solutions that provide cost, agility and innovation, confirmed its success in cloud IT technologies in a research that is carried out together with IDC.

Office 365 with Numbers
IDC, which carried out a research on “Total Cost of Ownership in Turkey” of Microsoft Office 365; revealed that Office 365 gives the advantages of flexibility, speed and cost to businesses in the area of IT infrastructure expenses, personnel efficiency and productivity in work processes. According to the results of the research completed in March 2016, Office 365 enterprise customers attained 292,411 dollars saving and a rate of 288 percent comeback in their investments. Companies that had 48 percent drop in IT infrastructure costs, saved an average of 58,768 dollars in personnel efficiency. The added value that Office 365 created, predicted as 45,141 dollars in the means of putting productivity in the center of business continuity, accessibility and in care of last users work with better efficiency at business continuity.

½ of every Office sold in Turkey is Office 365 cloud productivity platform. When we look at the top 100 list of Exporters Council in Turkey, we can see that 42 of the companies preferred Office 365 solution. There are already 8 million Office 365 users in Turkey and this number is incrementally growing everyday.

Office 365 shows its success in Turkey by making things easier in business life. Within the study we carried out with IDC, once more we proved that we provide businesses the advantage of cost, flexibility and efficiency. Our research is the best proof showing why Office 365 preferred by enterprises that much. Now, we plan to extend more and incrementally increase our success with new companies targeting SMEs. Office 365 will stand out as being the locomotive of the economic growth providing productivity growth in the sector and key turn platform of digital transformation.

We will move SMEs to cloud for cost of a cup of a tea day! 

Innovation: A multi-dimensional move
Companies should not only struggle to make innovations but also support this innovation with cost and process efficiency. Within this frame, cloud information technologies stands at front in the areas of cost, management and accessibility as being one of the major technologies in this subject.

Cloud informatics hold important opportunities for both individuals and enterprises while it transforms companies’ access to apps and infrastructures and the way they are used. In the coming years, while the internet of things share based economy and developments in robotic areas and build new working areas, some markets will lose their former strength.

New era new requirements

The dynamism and measure that the 4th Industrial revolutions brings will require us to be faster and more organized. In this direction, it is really critical our SMEs don’t miss the cloud informatics train and make investments to this field.

As Office 365, we organized a campaign to support them and get them to meet innovative technologies in this field. SMEs will be able to have all the technologic services only for cost of a cup of tea a day. They will get competition and cost advantage by moving their companies to cloud productivity platform for only 30 TL a month. We invite SMEs to to benefit from this advantageous opportunity.

We will be leading to digital transformation with E5

Starting from December 1st, 2016, with Office 365 solutions, we renewed the added-value solutions that the enterprises need with E5 package. We now present more safety and analysis features. We protect enterprises from unknown harmful software and viruses by using behavioral analysis against advanced cyber-attacks. With our Office 365 E5 package, we simplify your infrastructure, lower your costs and turn your workers into a more productive and stronger team. We present new verification rights, transparency and audit options regarding your data on cloud. We provide advanced data analysis support with Power BI and help you manage time effectively with Delve Analytics.

In brief, we continue to be your guide taking more decisive, safe and firm steps in the process of digital transformation.