Last November, we announced a limited preview of Office 365 Connectors which is a brand new experience updated with popular applications and services and brings you related interactive content. Now, we introduce this experience to you, in other words, to our Office 365 customers.

Either follow a twitter account or a project with Trello, or watch the latest news with Bing, Office 365 Connectors bring all the information that you care to light in the inbox that Office 365 Groups share. This way, you will have the opportunity to easily work together with others and interact as soon as new things happen.

Office 365 Groups is a service that enables teams to come together and get the work done by establishing a single hub and a single set of permissions across all these Office 365 apps. Creating an Office 365 Group automatically creates a shared inbox, calendar, notebook and documents as well. Now, any group member can add Office 365 Connectors items and put them into use in seconds; so it can transmit the filtered related and suitable information to the needs and interests of the team into common inbox. For instance, when UserVoice is used as Connectors, the whole team can have the latest feedbacks about a product that is new on the market.


office 365 connectors

In every new activity about the service you are viewing (for instance, doing an update on Trello or starting an activity on PagerDuty in the case of adding a new task to Salesforce opportunity), a message is sent to the shared inbox of the group. So you can talk on the message sharing it with your team or you can take action with a few simple clicks.

connectors group inbox

Today, the number of Office 365 Connectors that you can use is above fifty. It includes popular apps like productivity, news resources, HR systems, sales, project management, marketing automation, entertainment, e-learning and developer tools. MailChimp, Asana, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Aha, Zendesk, Salesforce, Twitter and UserVoice can be given as examples.  Besides, soon we will also announce our works with other partners to bring out new Connectors components. In addition to Existing Group Inbox Integration, we plan to bring the feature of Office 365 Connectors to Outlook inbox so that individual users can also benefit from Office 365 experiences.

office 365 connectors

If your enterprise already has Office 365, you can use Outlook, OWA or Outlook Groups mobile app for Office 365 Connectors.


When will Office 365 Connectors be released for general use?
Office 365 Connectors is released for First Release customers right now; the process has started to put it into general use after a short while.

How can I add a Connector item to my Group?
Office 365 Connector components can be added and configured on the internet by reaching your Group via Outlook and click Connectors on navigation bar. Find Connectors components that you like, click “add” and follow the instructions to configure Connectors components.

What are the minimum requirements for using Office 365 Connectors?
Office 365 Connectors work with inbox that is shared by Office 365 groups and it requires Office 365 enterprise or School account for this. This experience is only available with Outlook 2016 and Outlook Web App. Group mobile app will also be supported for iOS and Android soon. For minimum requirements, you can view here and see frequently asked questions about the mobile app.

How can I get more information about Office 365 Connectors?
For more information about Office 365 Connectors click here.

The answer for everything you wonder about is on YamJam
Besides, on April 14th, Thursday, Office 365 Network will present a YamJam program at 9-10 Am (Pacific Time) / 8-9 PM (International Time). Product engineering team members will be ready to answer your questions. For those who doesn’t know YamJam; this event is similar to “TweetJam” on Twitter or “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit. The only difference is that it takes place on Yammer. It gives the opportunity to ask questions to a community and Microsoft experts that are specialized in a specific area and meet specialists.

You can join this way:
1. Request access to Office 365 Network. All the requests will be approved as soon as possible.
2. Join Office 365 groups. You can find it on search bar or using Browse Groups function.

Register to ask your questions on 14th of April, Thursday at 9 AM (Pacific Time) / 8 PM (International Time), watch discussion and get in touch with Microsoft team members.