azure express route

Azure ExpressRoute which is designed to easily access Office 365 anywhere anytime, is released this day forth. Azure ExpressRoute allows the companies to establish a special and managed network connection as an alternative to the connection that is known. This direct connection offers the customers both a predictable network performance and a warrantable SLA and additional data security opportunities.

Since a growing number of companies have started to use Office 365 to work together on documents and communicate from anywhere, they even need more of the network connection between their users and Office 365.

We are happy to announce that Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 has been released today by the network operators below:

British Telecom Equinix

Tata Communications

TeleCity Group


Ways to connect your network to Office 365 with Azure ExpressRoute

Depend on your network configuration, in order to have a connection between your network and office 365, you can see below how you can work with network operators that enables ExpressRoute:

– If Azure ExpressRoute is already being used in your company, your network operator can easily open this connection for you. Because the usage of Office 365 creates an additional network traffic, you may need to negotiate the needs for more bandwidth with your operator.

– The companies that use IP VPN technologies for WAN connections that are provided by a network operator, can ask their operators to add Office 365 as a node over WAN connections. After Office 365 connection is added, Office 365 services, just as an external data center, will seem to you just as they are placed on your own WAN.

– ExpressRoute can also support big or point-to-point network connections. If you have a big and wide network, you can already have a network in a co-location facility where Azure ExpressRoute exists. You should work with your network provider to determine the optimal method for your Azure ExpressRoute connection.


You can obtain information about ExpressRoute for Office 365 from here…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In which parts of the world can ExpressRoute for Office 365 be used?

A: Your users can have connection from anywhere in the world that your operator provides access. Every network operator connects to Microsoft network from a specific location. They can provide networking to Microsoft network connection from the user’s location. You need to speak to your network operator regarding these options.

Q: How can companies purchase ExpressRoute for Office 365?

A: The companies that want to purchase ExpressRoute for Office 365need to have an Azure subscription; Companies should negotiate the details about the connection with an Azure ExpressRoute partner.

Q: Is there any Office 365service that Azure ExpressRoute cannot provide a connection?

A: Today, connection is provided for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business Online, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 Video, Power BI, Delve and Project Online. But, Downloading Office 365ProPlus installation files, Yammer, Domain Name Service and Content Delivery Network servers are among the services that ExpressRoute doesn’t provide connection.

Q: Is QoS supported on Azure ExpressRoute?

A: Yes. QoS is supported by Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 for Skype for Business Online.

Q: Does Microsoft Provide tools to test network performance?

A: Yes. We own a newly updated Office 365 Client Performance Analyzer (OCPA) tool that involves a series of new testing measurements. ExpressRoute for Office 365 can be a solution against network performance problems that is experienced by the users. OCPA can be downloaded from here over Office 365 admin console.

Microsoft provides Office 365 Network Performance Assessment service for the clients that have premier support agreements. Please contact our technical client manager for details.