As part of our Microsoft Azure Consultancy Services, “How do I backup to Azure?” is the question that is asked by many of our clients. You can move your backups onto Microsoft’s secure cloud platform with Microsoft Azure Backup. It doesn’t require any additional software. You do backups with the backup tool that you can download through the portal. First 5 GB is backed up for free. Monthly, it will cost you around 10 USD* for 100 GB backup. The storage cost for 100 GB is around 2, 40 USD*.

*By the time you read this article, the costs may have been changed. The pricing of the backup service is calculated depending on a few parameters. You can contact us for detailed information.

You can use the link below to open a free trial Azure account. It is necessary to give the credit card information while opening an account. But there will not be any withdrawal. This information is taken for authentication purposes. If you don’t openly derestrict the spending limit, no charges will be made from your credit card. For Azure trial account, you will need a Microsoft Live ID. If you don’t have one, you can open it from here.


For net pricing or support, you can send an e-mail to  or call 0 216 455 0 555.

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For your questions about Azure, you can send an e-mail to or visit our Makronet Contact page to contact us.