wpc days tweet

We headed to America for Microsoft WPC (World Partner Conference 2014) that took place in Washington DC from July 13th to 17th , 2014. In the first big keynote presentation of the event which includes many useful keynotes and sessions, we had the chance to show our tweet above to 17.000 people.

Cloud First, Mobile First!

In the second biggest keynote event that took place on the 3rd day, Satya Nadella mentioned cloud and mobile focused Microsoft vision and shared helpful information with all the partners about transformation process. We can say that the whole event was mostly about cloud vision and cloud technologies.

We attended so many sessions and we once more understood that we are on the right path as being Microsoft’s “Born in Cloud” partner. We also had the chance to attend so many sessions such as personal development seminars. Also, a series of activities conducted about Office 365 and Windows Azure.

We got our first Surface 3 Pro.

Surface 3 Pro was being sold at the top floor of WPC event hall. We also brought one Surface 3 Pro that was sold with a partner discount.