The Spare Part Estimation Project that was carried out with the partnership of Arçelik, the leading household appliances brand in Turkey, and Microsoft’s integrated cloud services Azure, turned out to be an inspirational success story where cloud and machine learning technologies were used. The details of Eurocloud award winning project is in this article.

EuroCloud Conference has the feature of being the biggest forum of the sector, which is about the future of cloud in Europe. The Spare Part Estimation Project that received the Best Business Impact Provided by Cloud Services award last year, which is being carried out with Arçelik’s Microsoft Azure technologies, it lead the way once more in the sector.

Speed, safety and flexibility with Azure in the Estimation process

Spare Part Estimation Project focuses on the planning process of approximate 350.000 service provided spare parts that belong to the products of Arçelik. The system has been made systematic by using Microsoft Azure informatics infrastructure and data science tools.

For the spare part pool that increases approximately 10% every year, advanced analysis technics were used on a very busy and complicated data set. The estimation operation was taken out from being carried out manually, and it was made to be done automatically, safely, fast and flexible.

Microsoft Azure for cost advantage

The solution that was developed with Azure Machine Learning presented by Microsoft Azure cloud environment, has gotten into work fast and with the minimum cost compared to its alternatives.

Azure Machine Learning; apart from being a simple, scalable and modern system, it is a cloud service that is completely managed and continuously developed and that gets the estimation based analysis solutions easily created, expanded and shared.

This system created is activated as the first phase of spare part planning and works has started to extend it globally. With all the advantages that the project and platform provide, it is aimed to reach the optimum stock level and maximum customer satisfaction by sensing the consumers demand on time.

Source: Microsoft Turkey