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As Makronet, we build the most suitable services for modern working methods. We offer best services for your company’s needs with Microsoft cloud solutions like Azure, Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Our Software Asset Management (SAM) Consulting services can help you to control costs as well as manage business and legal risks, optimize software licensing investments, and align your IT investments with business needs. Also, all services that is based on Microsoft cloud solutions are in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

We create professional solutions for your company with sales, after-sales support and consulting services for all Microsoft cloud products such as Microsoft Office 365, Azure.

Microsoft SAM Consultancy

Software Asset Management (SAM) optimizes your existing assets. With our SAM consultancy service, you can take advantage of cost savings resulting from a good SAM plan.

GDPR & Security Services

With Microsoft's reliable cloud infrastructure, we help you to meet your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance goals, protecting your privacy from a single system.

Microsoft Cloud Consultancy

As one of Microsoft’s authorized partners in cloud technology, we choose the best Office 365 licensing model for your company and help you for all migration processes such as e-mail (Exchange Online). Moreover, we provide best sales, after-sales support regarding Microsoft cloud solutions management and configuration.

In accordance with the needs of your company, we can arrange a meeting with Microsoft and visit Microsoft Office together. If you like, we can host you at Microsoft’s Technology Experience Center in order to experience Microsoft cloud solutions closely.

If you are looking for a Microsoft Azure platform that is packed with more than 100 wonderful, end-to-end tools  we help you to determine which feature fits best for your company.

With Microsoft Azure Site Recovery,  your company will be ready for recovery scenarios with backup features, producing the most optimum virtual machine and service solutions for your system.

Microsoft SAM Consultancy

Software Asset Management (SAM) increases awareness of your company’s purchasing needs and improves your relationship with software vendors to meet those requirements.

By automating processes with our SAM Consulting service, you can optimize your software and IT resources and run your company seamlessly. Together with infrastructure optimization, we can make your business more proactive, optimistic and dynamic. Therefore, you can improve and run your business faster and smoothly with a comprehensive, regular licensing system.

We prepare inventory for you to use SAM in your company after that we organize all your software licenses and documentation, and set up new standards and guidelines for you throughout the life cycle of your software. You can keep your SAM plan updated with the occasional checks.

With Makronet SAM consulting service, you can control and track your software better and take advantage of the cost savings and manage your assests tranparently. You will be able to lead your company with confidence that you know that your software is original.

GDPR & Security Services

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may seem like a tough process to think about how each organization will respond to security and compliance challenges. Your company may need to make significant changes to how GDPR compliant process collects, uses and manages data.

The most critical and important of these changes is that individuals have the right to access their own information, to cleanse their data, correct, or oppose their personal information. Firms are also required to protect this information. When there is a violation of data, company should notify the authorities and obtain GDPR compliance rules.

As Microsoft’s cloud partner, we are preparing you for GDPR compliance process required for your company with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and many other Microsoft cloud products.

We care about the protection of your personal data and the security of your company information. As Makronet, we reduce your compliance risks with Microsoft cloud solutions and provide permanent data protection between your platforms and applications.

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