Makronet Moves to Teknopark Istanbul!

As Microsoft Gold CSP partner, we have been proving our success in the technology sector. We awarded many times in the recent years in along with the manner of  ‘To Future with Cloud’.

Teknopark Istanbul, where the biggest techno park in Turkey and one of the biggest techno parks in Europe to be, accepted our application to move in this atmosphere in which unique R&D activities run. We have drawn attention with our own solutions including software asset management program; SAM4UP, and license management and cost optimization solution brought us “Country Partner of the Year” award by Microsoft Global; MyAdmin. We will be moving our whole firm activities to Teknopark Istanbul in order to contribute national innovation environment. Additionally collaborate science and business life together, pioneer innovative and economic development, and become a brand known globally. Hence, we will be putting more effort to accelerate our R&D projects as much as we have been putting into our solutions and partnerships.

We thank to our supporters and customers for their contributions given us in order to achieve those successes. From now on, we will be operating our R&D activities in Teknopark Istanbul and working more dedicated, consistent and innovative than ever.