We are at Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner Connections Helsinki Event!

We are one of the 254 Microsoft FastTrack business partners included in official records at global. We are participating from Turkey in Finland between 16-18 April 2019!

FastTrack Ready Partner Connections will be a two-day event and will be talking about ways to enable technology deployment teams and business alliance managers. Also, participants will be able to participate in practical learning sections. Program and product managers will have the opportunity to enjoy an optional third day business meeting.

As a business partner with Microsoft’s MSP and Turkey’s first and only Sam managed service program competence, we are very pleased to be involved in this event.

Microsoft Global Program Manager Eren Yay will take part in the event as speaker. In his speech, he will explain how we managed to become a Fast Track Ready Partner after the introduction of Makronet. At this point, he will convey the success we have achieved in such a period as 9 months and how it happened.In the continuation of his speech, he will discuss the following topics;

  • How did FastTrack change the way we work with customers?
  • What were the struggles we faced and how did we develop solutions for them?
  • What is success for Makronet and did we reach it?

For detailed information on the subject fasttrack@makronet.com you can contact us at or through our social media channels.